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“The box, you opened it… we came.”
Whether you’re an innocent like Kirsty or a jaded adventurer like Frank, LeMarchandre’s Configuration is your gateway to Clive Barker’s vision of Hell.  The official Mystery Box comes in kit form with only six finished thick plastic pieces to assemble.  More than a mystery it slides open to keep your darkest treasures.  These are the licensed Hellraiser Boxes originally produced by the SCREAMIN’ model kit company about 10 years ago. Now the Paper Magic Group has released this new edition, retooling the parts to make the kit easier to build, and much sturdier when assembled and finished.  Measuring 3 1/8 inches (8 cm.) along each edge, these BRAND NEW kits are molded in a translucent dark brown plastic, with the intricate mystic pattern in raised relief, and pre-painted with a metallic gold finish. Begin your journey into the mind of Clive Barker with this fantastic piece of classic horror memorabilia, but beware; there may be no way back.

Item Description: Hellraiser Lament Configuration Box Model Kit
Mfg:  Screamin’ Models / Paper Magic Group
Material(s): Styrene plastic
Features:  Gold pre painted raised detailing
Licensor:  Miramax Film Corp.
Genre:  Motion Picture
Sub Genre(s):  Horror,  C. Barker
Source:  Hellraiser, Hellraiser 2: Hellbound, et al.

$19.95 USD

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